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A family run business since opening in 1991

Premier Homecare is geared to looking after older people, people with a physical or sensory impairment, people with a mild or moderate learning disability, people with a mental infirmity (EMI), people with a mental illness and people with dementia, who may require a service including personal care, domestic care, social and leisure support. The service is provided with the aim of helping people maximise their own potential and independence wherever possible.

What services do we offer?

At Premier Homecare, we can provide various services including:

  • Support Services
  • Personal Care
  • Household Tasks
  • Specialist Support
  • Learning Disability Support
  • Mental Health

Who do we support?

We are able to provide support services to:

  • Adults with a Learning Disability
  • Adults with a physical or sensory impairment
  • Older People
  • Adults with Dementia (including early onset dementia)


Our Approach
Premier Homecare North Wales Ltd is committed to the delivery and provision of a service of personal care, social and leisure support and associated domestic services customised to individual needs. Each client / service user may therefore expect the following from our organisation:


  • To be actively involved with home care staff to develop an individual Service Delivery Plan to meet their personal needs that is also responsive to changes in their needs.
  • To be given a written agreement regarding the care and the tasks that the care worker will be able to do for them, the hours to be worked per day, and the period of time that the Service will last.
  • To be allocated a care manager who will oversee the implementation of the care plan and to ensure that the services as agreed are delivered.
  • To be allocated a trained care worker that has excellent references concerning the honesty, trustworthiness and ability to undertake the care duties.
  • Wherever possible, to be allocated the same care worker to undertake the care duties to the hours agreed.
  • To be informed in advance of any circumstances which may prevent the care worker from attending when expected, or of the need to change the care worker or hours of work for any reason.
  • To be asked by the care manager for any comments or suggestions to improve the care service, to be actively involved in the review of their individual care plans, and to have these suggestions reviewed by the management of the organisation and acted upon where possible.
  • To receive a service that is respectful of their individual circumstances, personal preferences, standards and cultural needs, and is flexible and non-discriminatory .
  • To receive a service that is respectful of the client’s right to take risks and to make informed choices with due regard to health and safety within his / her home environment.
  • To receive a service that is respectful of the client’s privacy, dignity and independence.
  • To have a health & safety risk assessment performed at their home within 2 weeks of commencement of service, and at 12 month intervals thereafter (or at any time that is required) and to be kept informed of findings and recommendations for improving the safety and / or hygiene of their environment.
  • To be informed of how to make a complaint about any aspect of the care service with which they are not satisfied, and to receive assurance that the complaint will be treated with the strictest confidence.
Case Study 1

A gentleman had a car accident 26 years ago, as a result of the accident he was unable to continue with his employment and support his family.

His wife  cared for him in every way at home since that day.

This gentleman attends Day Care Services three times a week, one day whilst at the Day Centre he stated to his support worker “I want to work, I want to care for my wife” she listened and understood his needs, she immediately shared this request with the care management who then informed the Social Worker.

By working as a team within a few months, this gentleman now works two days a week in a Craft Centre, he makes beautiful items out of wood such as clocks and small nest of tables.

He is happier, more fulfilled, improved his self esteem, and feels as though he is last contributing to his family.

Case Study 2

A gentleman with cerebral palsy, has lived independently in his own home for many years through the support of a small team.

He mobilises around his home and in the community with the support of a 4-wheeled walker frame and a wheelchair.

He has many interests that he is able to enjoy, one day he asked if he could take up swimming again, but he informed his support worker that he did not want to go into the swimming pool as a disabled person using the Pool Chair Hoist. This was very important to him.

By supporting this gentleman to visit a number of local leisure centres one was found where the entry into the water was at ground level by way of a gentle slope until deeper water was reached.

The gentleman and his support worker  were then able to present to the rest of the community  as just two friends able to walk side by side into the pool.

We cover the following areas:


  • Conwy
  • Denbighshire
  • Flintshire
  • Wrexham



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