Staff Stories







I have been with Premier since 2003 and have loved every minute of it.

The reason I enjoy my job is because I care for everyone I support. I like to help them to try and live as independently as possible but also to achieve their goals and dreams, and to maintain family and friend links. I enjoy going out into the community and being more sociable.

I also enjoy the variety of shifts that are offered as they range from 7am to 10pm and there are shifts to suit everyone. You always know in advance what you are working so you can plan ahead. The office staff are excellent, always available when needed and always keep us updated on the people we support and always if we need help with anything else

The people I support have many different conditions such as dementia, mild to moderate learning disabilities, physical disabilities, older people, and palliative care needs.

SJ Jones

I joined Premier Homecare August 2004, as a support worker after working in the residential care sector for several years.

I felt it was time for a new journey in the Care Sector and looked towards supporting individuals in the community within their own homes.

I quickly came to respect, appreciated and welcomed the standard of excellence delivered each day by Premier Homecare in providing a service to all individuals under Premier’s care.

This excellence was evident by Gill as Managing Director through her support; and cascaded throughout the whole company towards Management and Support staff.

My days were enjoyable, interesting, providing new challenges.

My journey developed to becoming an A1 Assessor in 2005, allowing me to support my colleagues with their personal development.

In February 2006 I joined the Care Management Team; it was a role providing new aspects in supporting individuals, and their families.

In 2008 Gill nominated me for the Wales Care Award in Cardiff, I was very proud to receive the Silver award for Excellence in Dementia on behalf of the Company.



I have been with Premier Homecare for a long time. I love my work which is varied, and I find it a privilege to support people. I enjoy the flexibility of hours, and the training is both enjoyable and informative. I am proud to have been on some very indepth courses which have enabled me to work in specialised support roles., such as Dementia and palliative care.

The opportunity is there for everyone.

I am now qualified as a work based assessor and also an Ambassador for the Care Council for Wales, which is encouraged and supported by Premier Homecare.

(Recently retired)


My name is TE, I Started working for Premier Homecare in March 2009, prior to this I had spent my working life in the manufacturing industry.
If you asked me what I enjoyed the most about being a support worker it would be the extremely varied work I am offered. Nothing stays the same very long in this line of work, there is always a new challenge to deal with just around the corner. Even if you support the same person for years their needs change with time for better or worse, and you adapt along with them.
During my time with Premier I have been encouraged by the Registered Manager to gain a number of qualifications, firstly a level 2 NVQ in December 2010 and more recently a level 3 QCF Diploma in July 2015.

I am very proud of these achievements as I am not known for my academic ability!

This job has taught me to admire the individuals I support for what they can do, not what they can’t. We all have our strengths and weaknesses no matter who we are. This is a lesson I have been so happy to learn and that has made the job so worthwhile.